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MB SNiP Screen

  • ■  No needles, no fuss!
  • ■  A focus on clinical validity
  • ■  We can screen your DNA for over
    160 traits and conditions including
    pre-screen and post-screen
    genetic counseling session
  • What We Do

    SNiP Screen Traits and Conditions report

    SNiP Screen provides you with information on your genetic predisposition to certain common conditions. Genetic risk factors, however, are not the complete story. By limiting the exposure to certain environmental factors, and by following a health plan that minimizes the overall risks to these conditions, you can start to take more control over your health.

    We believe that in order for you to maximize the benefit you can get from using SNiP Screen, a licensed health care professional should be involved. Therefore, we have partnered with several physicians from around the world through which SNiP Screen can be ordered. In addition, our certified Genetic Counselors will speak with you before and after testing to help you decide if genetic screening is right for you and what the results mean.

    There are no needles involved. To screen your genes, the SNiP Screen kit will have a saliva collection tube. After you provide a saliva sample, the tube is sealed and mailed to our laboratory. If you reside outside the UK, you will need to pay your local postage charges. We only use CLIA certified laboratories.

    When our lab receives your tube, we extract your DNA from cheek cells in your saliva sample. Your DNA is then examined by a DNA chip and reported electronically. We believe our custom DNA genotyping chip enables us to analyze more SNP associations across the full spectrum of the genome than any other personalized genetic medicine company in the world.

    From the time we receive your saliva sample, it will typically take us 4 to 6 weeks to extract your DNA from the sample, screen your genes and upload your screening report to our secured website.

    You will then be able to view your report by clicking the "Your Report" tab on this website (http://www.SNiPscreen.com) and then logging in with the unique Barcode and Pin included in your SNiP Screen saliva collection kit.

    In order for you to understand your results and what they mean for your health, our certified Genetic Counselors are available to assist you with all your questions. You will be able to share your results with your primary physician in order to discuss a health plan that is right for you. Your physician might refer you to other medical specialists as needed.

    Note: In addition to the SNiP Screen Traits and Conditions report, we also provide two extra optional reports as part of our single up-front fee:

    SNiP Screen Ancestry and Heritage report

    DNA gene screening to reveal a subject's ancestral origins by comparing their DNA to that of various populations around the world. The report will show the likely migration route of a subjectís ancestors going back through multiple generations.

    SNiP Screen DNA Similarity report

    DNA Comparison report of the genes of two people illustrating how genetically similar the subjects are to each other.

    Not only have we priced our individual SNiP Screen DNA Similarity reports extremely competitively, but unlike some competing services, our prices are based on the number of DNA samples being compared and NOT on the much larger combination of comparisons possible. e.g. the price of our 5 sample comparison report is based on 5 DNA samples rather then on the 10 comparisons between those samples.