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    PLoS ONE
    PLoS ONE

    ABSTRACT: An interactive open-access journal for the communication of all peer-reviewed scientific and medical research

    Oxford journals
    Oxford Journals

    ABSTRACT: Human Molecular Genetics: HMG publishes papers of excellence in all aspects of human molecular genetics. The journal includes a section dedicated to strongly supported Association Studies, and publishes two highly popular Review issues each year.

    BioInfoBank Library
    BioInfoBank Library

    ABSTRACT: Some of Houman Ashrafian's published papers

    JCI (The Journal of Clinical Investigation )
    JCI (The Journal of Clinical Investigation )

    ABSTRACT: The Journal of Clinical Investigation is a top-tier venue for critical advances in biomedical research. The JCI combines a 2008 Impact Factor of 16.559 with immediate free access to its articles to produce an ideal home for authors seeking the widest possible audience for their most important work. The journal is headed by Editor in Chief Dr. Laurence A. Turka (Harvard University, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) and an Editorial Board of peer scientists at the University of Pennsylvania whose depth and experience ensures fair and competent peer review. Dr. Ushma Neill serves as the JCI's Executive Editor.

    Nature Genetics
    Nature Genetics

    ABSTRACT: Nature Genetics publishes the very highest quality research in genetics. It encompasses genetic and functional genomic studies on human traits and on other model organisms, including mouse, fly, nematode and yeast. Current emphasis is on the genetic basis for common and complex diseases and on the functional mechanism, architecture and evolution of gene networks, studied by experimental perturbation.

    NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

    ABSTRACT: National Center for Biotechnology Information is also a good place to search for SNP information


    ABSTRACT: SNPedia : SNPedia shares information about the effects of variations in DNA, citing peer-reviewed scientific publications. It is used by Promethease to analyze and help explain your DNA.


    ABSTRACT: Eupedia, the site lists diseases with the associated genes, focused on European area.

    National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)
    National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

    ABSTRACT: A Catalog of Published Genome-Wide Association Studies; This is the main location we get our condition rules. The table is updated regularly and can be downloaded as Excel format

    UK Biobank
    UK Biobank

    ABSTRACT: UK Biobank is a major UK medical research initiative, and a registered charity in its own right, with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses – including cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and forms of dementia. To do this vital work we need your help. We are now recruiting 500,000 people aged 40-69 from across the country to take part in this project. Find out more…

    American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC)
    American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC)

    ABSTRACT: The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism in the field of genetic counseling. Serving as a credentialing organization for the genetic counseling profession in the United States and Canada.

    National Society of Genetic Counselors
    National Society of Genetic Counselors

    ABSTRACT: This group is designed for those interested in the genetic counseling profession to learn and share their experiences as well as keep in touch with NSGC events and happenings.


    ABSTRACT: SpringerLink is one of the world's leading interactive databases for high-quality STM journals, book series, books, reference works and the Online Archives Collection. SpringerLink is a powerful central access point for researchers and scientists.

    NSGC Mentor Site
    NSGC Mentor Site

    ABSTRACT: Sometimes it can be difficult as a new or current NSGC member to make connections with other NSGC members as professionals. The NSGC Mentor Program is a great way to find a mentor or mentee and share experiences in your career and continue with the networking process. This website has been designed to easily match participants interested in establishing relationships for professional development. Genetic counseling students, new grads, individuals considering a specialty switch, other allied health care workers, and professionals with knowledge and experience to share are encouraged to apply!

    Mutant genes 'key to long life'
    BBC News , 15-Nov-2009

    ABSTRACT: No sooner does a scientific discovery make it possible to feed the desire to control our destiny than a new industry springs up to cash in on it.

    Gene mutation key to longer life
    WPN(World Press Network ) , 15-Nov-2009

    Cash in on medical breakthroughs
    Money Week , 04-Sep-2009

    ABSTRACT: There is a clear link between living to 100 and inheriting a hyperactive version of an enzyme that prevents cells from ageing, researchers say.

    Buyer Beware of Home DNA Tests
    The New York Times , 31-Aug-2009

    ABSTRACT: Inheriting a mutant gene variant prevents cells from ageing, helping individuals to live for more than 100 years, a new study finds.

    New IVF treatment dramatically increases chances of successful pregnancy
    Daily Record , 19-Oct-2009

    ABSTRACT: A PIONEERING IVF screening test dramatically increases the chance of a woman getting pregnant, a trial has shown.

    Genome analysis changes diagnosis
    BBC News , 24-Oct-2009

    ABSTRACT: A critically ill Turkish boy has had his life saved after scientists were able to read his genome quickly and work out that he had a wrong diagnosis.

    An agenda for personalized medicine
    Nature , 07-Oct-2009

    ABSTRACT: More than 1,000 DNA variants associated with diseases and traits have been identified1, 2. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies are harnessing these discoveries by offering DNA tests that provide insights into personal genetic traits and disease risks. Genetic testing can improve lifestyle choices and increase preventive screening3. However, understanding of the genetic contribution to human disease is far from complete.

    * For seven diseases, 50% or less of the predictions of two companies agreed across five individuals
    * Companies should communicate high risks better and test for drug response markers
    * Community should study markers in all ethnicities and look at behaviour after tests

    Putting DNA to the test
    Nature , 07-Oct-2009

    ABSTRACT: Genetic-testing companies lack regulation, and a list of guiding principles does not go far enough.

    DNA sequencing in a holey new way
    BBC News , 06-Oct-2009

    ABSTRACT: IBM will announce on Tuesday how it intends to hold DNA molecules in tiny holes in silicon in an effort to decode their genetic secrets letter by letter.

    Culture and Acculturation Influences on Palestinian Perceptions of Prenatal Genetic Counseling
    Springer Netherlands , 26-Oct-2007

    ABSTRACT: Abstract Patient cultural backgrounds strongly influence decision-making processes and outcomes in genetic counseling. The present study investigated influences of culture and acculturation on prenatal decision making processes of native Palestinians and Palestinian Americans. Seventeen native Palestinians and 14 first-generation, Palestinian Americans were interviewed and asked to imagine themselves as patients in hypothetical premarital and prenatal situations. Five major issues were investigated: 1) Influence of family history of an inherited condition on pre-marital decisions; 2) Perceptions of non-directive genetic counselor statements regarding options; 3) Role of gender in prenatal decisions; 4) Gender differences in emotional expression; and 5) Role of family and society in prenatal decisions. Several similarities and differences in native Palestinian and Palestinian American responses were obtained. Similarities appear to be due to common cultural roots, while differences may be due to acculturation. Practice and research recommendations are provided.

    Interferon-alfa, interferon-lambda and hepatitis C
    Nature Genetics , 13-Sep-2009

    ABSTRACT: Three new studies report genetic variants near IL28B, which encodes interferon-lambda3 (interleukin 28B), are associated with response to treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection with interferon-alfa/ribavirin combination therapy. This renews interest in how interferons suppress viremia and could lead to improved clinical decisions for chronic HCV infection treatment based on individual genotype.

    Genetic variation in IL28B and spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C virus
    Nature , 16-Sep-2009

    ABSTRACT: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is the most common blood-borne infection in the United States, with estimates of 4 million HCV-infected individuals in the United States and 170 million worldwide1. Most (70–80%) HCV infections persist and about 30% of individuals with persistent infection develop chronic liver disease, including cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma2. Epidemiological, viral and host factors have been associated with the differences in HCV clearance or persistence, and studies have demonstrated that a strong host immune response against HCV favours viral clearance3, 4. Thus, variation in genes involved in the immune response may contribute to the ability to clear the virus. In a recent genome-wide association study, a single nucleotide polymorphism (rs12979860) 3 kilobases upstream of the IL28B gene, which encodes the type III interferon IFN-lambda3, was shown to associate strongly with more than a twofold difference in response to HCV drug treatment5. To determine the potential effect of rs12979860 variation on outcome to HCV infection in a natural history setting, we genotyped this variant in HCV cohorts comprised of individuals who spontaneously cleared the virus (n = 388) or had persistent infection (n = 620). We show that the C/C genotype strongly enhances resolution of HCV infection among individuals of both European and African ancestry. To our knowledge, this is the strongest and most significant genetic effect associated with natural clearance of HCV, and these results implicate a primary role for IL28B in resolution of HCV infection.

    New genes give Alzheimer's hope
    BBC News , 06-Sep-2009

    ABSTRACT: A scientist who has discovered two new genes associated with Alzheimer's disease said they could help in the race to find a cure for the condition.

    Scientists find gene that stops some cancers in their tracks
    guardian.co.uk , 05-Oct-2009

    ABSTRACT: Scientists have identified a gene they believe plays a major role in more than half of all breast cancers and a significant portion of other tumours.

    Scientists discover genetic sign of ovarian cancer susceptibility
    guardian.co.uk , 02-Aug-2009

    ABSTRACT: Scientists have discovered a common genetic difference in women at risk from ovarian cancer, in an important development they say could save lives.

    Child leukaemia 'genes' revealed
    BBC News , 16-Aug-2009

    ABSTRACT: Genetic flaws that increase the risk of the most common form of childhood leukaemia have been uncovered by British scientists.

    Cardiovascular disease gets personal
    Nature News , 19-Aug-2009

    ABSTRACT: Gene-association studies hint at better ways of treating the leading cause of death, but capitalizing on them is proving to be a slow and difficult process. Erika Check Hayden reports.

    Key cancer spread gene found
    BBC News , 05-Oct-2009

    ABSTRACT: Scientists have pinpointed a gene linked to more than half of all breast cancers.

    Prostate cancer gene detected
    CNN Medical Unit , 22-Dec-2008

    ABSTRACT: More than 25,000 American men will die from prostate cancer this year. But prostate cancer can be treated successfully if the disease is caught early. A blood test that can detect whether a man is at high risk for developing prostate cancer is on the horizon. The study was published in the February 28, 2008, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Gene links heart and gum disease
    BBC News , 25-May-2009

    ABSTRACT: A genetic link between dental disease and heart attacks has been found by German researchers.

    Gene linked to testicular cancer
    BBC News , 05-May-2005

    ABSTRACT: Scientists have identified the first gene known to be closely linked to testicular cancer.

    Cancer patients 'can be fathers'
    BBC News , 01-Nov-2005

    ABSTRACT: Most men treated for testicular cancer will be able to father children, researchers in Norway have said.

    Marijuana testicular cancer link
    BBC News , 09-Feb-2009

    ABSTRACT: Frequent or long-term marijuana use may raise a man's risk of testicular cancer, American research suggests.

    Testicular cancer genetic advance
    BBC News , 31-May-2009

    ABSTRACT: Researchers have for the first time found inherited genetic factors which raise the risk of testicular cancer.

    Will genetic test results drive lifestyle decisions?
    sign on san diego , 17-May-2009

    ABSTRACT: At 5 feet 10 inches and 178 pounds, with a 30-inch waist, Rashaad Forehand looks like a poster child for fitness and health.

    SNiP Screen To Also Offer Ancestry And Heritage As Well As DNA Similarity Reports

    SNiP Screen To Also Offer Ancestry And Heritage As Well As DNA Similarity Reports

    SNiP Screen To Also Offer Ancestry And Heritage As Well As DNA Similarity Reports

    SNiP Screen To Also Offer Ancestry And Heritage As Well As DNA Similarity Reports

    Imminent Launch Of: SNiP Screen - Genetic Screening Service At An Affordable Price
    OfficialWire , 03-Nov-2009

    The future of love :you will get a running commentary on your wrist monitor
    The Island Soft Corner

    Genes 'have key role in autism'
    BBC News , 28-Apr-2009

    ABSTRACT: Scientists have produced the most compelling evidence to date that genetics play a key role in autism.

    Autism gene breakthrough hailed
    BBC News , 19-Feb-2007

    ABSTRACT: Scientists have found new autism genes by scanning the largest collection of families with multiple cases of autism ever assembled.

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