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MB SNiP Screen

  • ■  No needles, no fuss!
  • ■  A focus on clinical validity
  • ■  We can screen your DNA for over
    160 traits and conditions including
    pre-screen and post-screen
    genetic counseling session
  • Welcome to SNiP Screen

    Everyone has a natural curiosity about how we are made and what the future might hold. Your genes can provide some of these answers.

    Our genes are fixed from conception for life, and embedded in each person's genes from the earliest age are significant snippets of genetic code that contribute to both health and disease. Being able to read those codes or markers is no longer science fiction; it is today's scientific reality.

    Applying advanced quantitative techniques and technology to the health field, the genetic screening service we offer uses leading edge technology and the latest knowhow to give you information about your genetic predisposition to various traits and conditions. With this information, you could take preventive measures to actively reduce your exposure to certain health risks that may be highlighted.

    Your results will also allow you to compare the probability with the reality. We screen for a number of observable traits such as hair color, eye color and freckles.

    Genetic counseling sessions included in the price

    Included in our single up-front fee for the service are a pre-screen and a post-screen genetic counseling session, with one of our certified Genetic Counselors.

    The pre-screen session will better enable you to understand what to expect from the service and in the post-screen session, the Counselor will explain to you what your results actually mean.

    Only available via a physician

    In addition to including genetic counseling sessions as an integral part of our service, the SNiP Screen service can also only be ordered via a licensed physician.

    We do this in order to ensure that the person, whose DNA sample is being screened, is supported by fully trained professionals all the way.

    Anonymity for DNA sample subjects

    SNiP Screen offers anonymity for the person providing the DNA sample because the service can only be ordered via their physician without the physician ever needing to divulge to SNiP Screen the identity of the DNA subject.

    The generated reports themselves will also NOT contain any personally identifiable information like name, address, or payment information. They are only referenced by a random alpha-numerical bar code plus a pin code.

    There are no hidden extra charges

    Our single up-front fee includes:

    • pre-screen counseling (up to 1 hour via teleconferencing)
    • Wetlab DNA genotyping (The wetlab we utilize is based in the USA and is CLIA certified)
    • DNA analysis
    • SNiP Screen Traits and Conditions reporting*
    • SNiP Screen Ancestry and Heritage reporting*
    • SNiP Screen DNA Similarity reporting*
    • post-screen counseling (up to 1 hour via teleconferencing)

    There are no hidden extra charges.

    *During the pre-screen counseling session, you can opt for us to exclude some of the three reports that are part of the service produced.

    Referral Service

    For specialist advice following the screening of your genes

    After we have screened your genes, we can facilitate your referral, should you wish, to relevant medical specialists, who will help you better understand the report and help you formulate a health plan for the future.

    Bulk Orders

    Special Rates

    We offer special rates to corporate order for the service from hospitals and clinics. Please contact us with your full details and an estimate of the quantities you are interested in so that we can provide you with a no-obligation quote for your consideration.