Traits or ConditionsNumber of SurveysNumber of SNPs screenedSNP and Allele with highest Odds Ratio SNP and Allele with lowest Odds Ratio
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (childhood)217 rs11155133-G rs2239633-G
Adiponectin Levels11 rs17366568-G rs17366568-G
Adiposity13 rs987237-G rs2605100-G
Age-related macular degeneration11 rs380390-C rs380390-C
AIDS17 rs4118325-G rs1556032-C
AIDS progression11 rs2395029-G rs2395029-G
Alcohol Dependence16 rs12388359-T rs6902771-C
Alzheimer's disease11 rs727153-C rs727153-C
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis28 rs7702057-C rs873917-T
Aortic root size16 rs7543130-A rs893817-G
APOE*e4 carriers with late onset Alzheimer's disease11 rs2373115-G rs2373115-G
Arterial stiffness11 rs3742207-C rs3742207-C
Asthma22 rs7216389-T rs1588265-G
Asthma (toluene diisocyanate-induced)13 rs16937883-G rs10762058-G
Atopic dermatitis11 rs7927894-A rs7927894-A
Atrial fibrillation13 rs17042171-A rs2106261-T
Atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter12 rs2200733-T rs10033464-T
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms (interaction)17 rs1161463-C rs10049246-G
Autism22 rs10038113-T rs4307059-T
Biochemical measures116 rs13129697-C rs10502868-G
Biomedical quantitative traits15 rs12731740-T rs2074356-T
Bipolar disorder516 rs420259-A rs17082664-G
Bipolar disorder (Low Risk SNP Group 1)516 rs7250872-T rs3761218-C
Black vs. blond hair color16 rs28777-C rs6918152-A
Black vs. red hair color15 rs28777-C rs6918152-A
Blond vs. brown hair25 rs1667394-A rs12821256-C
Blood pressure11 rs6749447-G rs6749447-G
Blue vs brown eyes11 rs1667394-A rs1667394-A
Blue vs. green eyes24 rs1667394-A rs1408799-C
Body mass index416 rs8050136-A rs11084753-G
Body mass index (Low Risk SNP Group 1)416 rs6499640-A rs10938397-G
Bone mineral density35 rs17131547-A rs4355801-A
Bone mineral density (hip)313 rs1038304-G rs10490823-G
Bone mineral density (hip) (Low Risk SNP Group 1)312 rs7524102-A rs1513670-A
Bone mineral density (spine)315 rs1006899-A rs11898505-A
Bone mineral density (spine) (Low Risk SNP Group 1)314 rs9594759-T rs10048146-G
Breast cancer615 rs2180341-G rs981782-C
Burning and freckling11 rs1015362-G rs1015362-G
C-reactive protein23 rs7310409-A rs1169310-A
Cardiac repolarisation12 rs12143842-T rs11153730-C
Cardiac structure and function14 rs7910620-G rs2059238-A
Celiac disease27 rs2187668-A rs1738074-A
Cholesterol, total115 rs2228671-G rs1532085-G
Chronic Hepatitis C infection11 rs8099917-G rs8099917-G
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia16 rs872071-G rs11083846-A
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease11 rs8034191-C rs8034191-C
Colorectal cancer511 rs6983267-G rs9929218-A
Conduct disorder (interaction)115 rs13188771-A rs6500744-C
Coronary artery disease12 rs9818870-T rs2259816-T
Coronary disease210 rs8055236-G rs688034-T
Coronary Heart Disease and Periodontitis11 rs1537415-G rs1537415-G
Coronary spasm in women11 rs10498345-T rs10498345-T
Crohn's disease322 rs2066847-C rs2301436-T
Crohn's disease (Low Risk SNP Group 1)321 rs3197999-A rs1551398-A
Crohn's disease and Sarcoidosis (combined)11 rs1398024-A rs1398024-A
Cutaneous basal cell carcinoma12 rs801114-G rs7538876-A
Cutaneous nevi12 rs4636294-A rs2284063-G
Diastolic Blood Pressure213 rs2681472-A rs1918974-T
Early onset extreme obesity214 rs1435703-T rs10999409-T
Electrocardiographic conduction measures13 rs2070488-A rs2461751-G
End-stage renal disease11 rs2648875-A rs2648875-A
Esophageal Cancer12 rs1229984-G rs671-A
Exfoliation glaucoma11 rs3825942-G rs3825942-G
Fasting plasma glucose46 rs2166706-G rs4607517-A
Fetal hemoglobin levels12 rs4910742-A rs1186868-T
Fibrinogen210 rs6056-A rs1539019-A
Folate pathway vitamins15 rs602662-A rs153734-T
Follicular lymphoma11 rs6457327-C rs6457327-C
Freckles24 rs1805007-T rs1042602-C
Gallstones11 rs11887534-C rs11887534-C
Glioma17 rs4295627-G rs498872-T
Glioma (high-grade)13 rs4809324-C rs1412829-C
Glycated hemoglobin levels14 rs7072268-A rs13266634-A
Hair morphology11 rs11803731-A rs11803731-A
HDL cholesterol716 rs174547-C rs7120118-G
HDL cholesterol (Low Risk SNP Group 1)716 rs1532624-C rs3764261-A
HDL cholesterol (Low Risk SNP Group 2)715 rs1864163-G rs12678919-G
Height723 rs11611208-A rs11107116-G
Height (Low Risk SNP Group 1)723 rs6733301-G rs185819-T
Height (Low Risk SNP Group 2)722 rs2326458-C rs10472828-C
Height (Low Risk SNP Group 3)722 rs6899976-G rs12449568-C
Height (Low Risk SNP Group 4)722 rs2315504-C rs314277-A
Hemoglobin levels11 rs855791-A rs855791-A
Hepatitis B11 rs9277535-G rs9277535-G
Hip bone size11 rs7595412-A rs7595412-A
Hirschsprung's disease11 rs16879552-G rs16879552-G
HIV-1 control12 rs2395029-G rs9264942-C
Hypertension48 rs991316-T rs11775334-A
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis11 rs2736100-A rs2736100-A
Inflammatory bowel disease35 rs11209026-A rs8049439-G
Intracranial aneurysm14 rs10958409-A rs700651-G
Ischemic stroke11 rs2200733-T rs2200733-T
Kawasaki disease12 rs7199343-T rs17531088-T
Kidney stones11 rs219780-C rs219780-C
LDL cholesterol821 rs7703051-A rs562338-T
LDL cholesterol (Low Risk SNP Group 1)820 rs3764261-A rs11668477-G
Leprosy16 rs3764147-G rs40457-A
Lung cancer48 rs1051730-T rs2736100-G
Lung function17 rs12504628-T rs2395730-C
Major depressive disorder210 rs4238010-G rs1612122-T
Malaria11 rs6503319-T rs6503319-T
Male-pattern baldness23 rs6625163-A rs1160312-A
Mean platelet volume22 rs7961894-A rs2138852-C
Melanoma25 rs910873-T rs7023329-A
Menarche (age at onset)34 rs314280-T rs7759938-C
Menarche and menopause (age at onset)16 rs16991615-A rs7861820-C
Menopause (age at onset)13 rs7333181-A rs1172822-T
Multiple sclerosis515 rs3129934-T rs882300-C
Multiple sclerosis (Low Risk SNP Group 1)514 rs8049603-T rs6896969-C
Myocardial infarction210 rs4977574-G rs12526453-C
Myopia (pathological)11 rs577948-G rs577948-G
Narcolepsy22 rs1154155-C rs5770917-C
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma24 rs189897-A rs3129055-G
Neuroblastoma11 rs6939340-G rs6939340-G
Neuroblastoma (high-risk)11 rs6435862-G rs6435862-G
Neuroticism11 rs702543-A rs702543-A
Nicotine dependence23 rs2836823-T rs1051730-T
Nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate27 rs987525-A rs9574565-C
Obesity15 rs10508503-C rs1424233-A
Obesity-related traits11 rs9930506-G rs9930506-G
Osteonecrosis of the jaw11 rs1934951-T rs1934951-T
Other metabolic traits111 rs2794520-A rs10244051-C
Other pulmonary function traits17 rs11727189-T rs2869967-T
Ovarian Cancer11 rs3814113-T rs3814113-T
Pancreatic Cancer11 rs505922-T rs505922-T
Parkinson disease (familial)11 rs1564282-T rs1564282-T
Parkinson's disease214 rs823128-C rs6812193-T
Personality dimensions14 rs6610953-G rs2540226-T
Plasma carotenoid and tocopherol levels12 rs6564851-G rs12272004-A
Plasma eosinophil count17 rs4857855-T rs2269426-T
Plasma homocysteine11 rs1801133-A rs1801133-A
Plasma level of vitamin B1211 rs492602-G rs492602-G
Plasma levels of liver enzymes110 rs4962153-A rs1169313-C
Primary biliary cirrhosis24 rs6441286-G rs907092-A
Prostate cancer618 rs4242384-C rs1512268-A
Prostate cancer (Low Risk SNP Group 1)617 rs9623117-C rs12155172-A
Psoriasis38 rs2395029-C rs1076160-T
Pulmonary function measures11 rs13147758-G rs13147758-G
QT interval318 rs2074238-T rs1533317-A
QT interval (Low Risk SNP Group 1)318 rs16857031-G rs17779747-T
Quantitative traits114 rs7396835-T rs10508517-A
Quantitative traits (Low Risk SNP Group 1)114 rs6066084-A rs10498712-G
Recombination rate (females)11 rs1670533-C rs1670533-C
Recombination rate (males)11 rs3796619-T rs3796619-T
Red vs. non-red hair11 rs1015362-G rs1015362-G
Renal function and chronic kidney disease14 rs12917707-G rs17319721-A
Response to Hepatitis C treatment22 rs8099917-G rs12979860-C
Restless legs syndrome36 rs3923809-A rs1975197-T
Rheumatoid arthritis618 rs6457617-T rs2837960-G
RR interval (heart rate)120 rs13300284-A rs3117035-A
Schizophrenia614 rs4129148-C rs6782299-T
Serum bilirubin levels29 rs6742078-T rs1986655-A
Serum IgE levels11 rs2251746-C rs2251746-C
Serum markers of iron status34 rs4820268-A rs855791-T
Serum Matrix Metalloproteinase13 rs495366-A rs11225434-C
Serum metabolites15 rs174547-T rs8396-T
Serum urate55 rs737267-C rs7442295-A
Skin pigmentation by reflectance spectroscopy13 rs1834640-G rs1042602-C
Skin sensitivity to sun23 rs1805007-T rs1393350-A
Soluble ICAM-113 rs1799969-G rs5498-A
Sphingolipid Concentrations13 rs1000778-A rs10938494-A
Stroke11 rs12425791-A rs12425791-A
Systemic lupus erythematosus320 rs2230926-C rs1167796-G
Systemic lupus erythematosus in women14 rs3131379-A rs6445975-C
Systolic blood pressure210 rs11191548-T rs11014166-A
Tanning11 rs7969151-A rs7969151-A
Testicular germ cell tumor15 rs995030-G rs4657482-A
Thyroid cancer12 rs965513-A rs944289-T
Treatment response for acute lymphoblastic leukemia112 rs6971925-T rs7115578-A
Triglycerides620 rs12286037-T rs7819412-G
Triglycerides (Low Risk SNP Group 1)620 rs2075292-G rs17216525-T
Type 1 diabetes823 rs2647044-A rs2304256-C
Type 1 diabetes (Low Risk SNP Group 1)823 rs763361-A rs229541-T
Type 2 diabetes919 rs12304921-G rs10811661-T
Type 2 diabetes (Low Risk SNP Group 1)919 rs1111875-G rs9472138-T
Type 2 diabetes and other traits16 rs7903146-T rs12518099-C
Ulcerative Colitis313 rs2870946-G rs7524102-A
Uric acid concentrations39 rs734553-T rs742132-A
Urinary bladder cancer23 rs9642880-T rs2294008-T
Waist circumference and related phenotypes11 rs12970134-A rs12970134-A
Warfarin maintenance dose11 rs9923231-T rs9923231-T
Weight213 rs8050136-A rs7498665-G
Weight (Low Risk SNP Group 1)213 rs2844479-T rs1152846-G
YKL-40 levels11 rs4950928-G rs4950928-G

* Total Number of traits or conditions : 164
* Total Number of unique surveys : 458
* Total Number of unique SNPs screened : 1,182

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